Car Interior Ozone treatment is a modern method of disinfecting the interior of your car

Regardless of how much we care about our car, we always create fragrances that might stay inside. Smoking, transporting animals or various chemicals can leave an unpleasant smell in the car.

Getting rid of such odours can be a real problem. One of the most effective methods is ozone treatment.

It is a process involving the removal of unwanted odours, bacteria, mould and allergens, being a safe, effective and ecological method. Only a few sessions can completely remove even the smell of cigarettes.

Ozone treatment and its effects:

– removal of unpleasant odours – ozone removes cigarette smoke, musty and mildew smells, cat and dog smells, or sweat

– sterilisation – ozone treatment kills viruses and bacteria (like flu) as well as unpleasant smells caused by it

– it kills allergens – ozone also kills all types of mites, fungals, mould and other microorganisms

– disinsection – ozone protects against pests such as cockroaches, ants, moths, mosquitoes and rodents

– fumigation of air conditioning – ozone gas particles reach the smallest recesses of the air conditioning evaporator killing fungi and microorganisms

– it also disinfects the entire interior of the car – ozone penetrates deeply into the structure of upholstered seats and oxidises the bacteria, mites and odours found there, which cannot be destroyed by other methods

Ozone treatment disinfects air conditioning

On hot days in the car, air conditioning allows us to endure high temperatures. However, we often do not realise how many microbes are in it and how adversely they affect our health, leading to the development of many dangerous diseases. Ozone reaches all parts of the air conditioning system, it is a completely safe and effective way to disinfect the air conditioning.

Car Interior Disinfection Cost

Ozone treatment starts from £60 + VAT. For more information & bookings, please contact us.

Kent Air Co One Shot

Features & Benefits

  • Viricidal, including the coronavirus – complies with the standard EN14476 (enveloped viruses)
  • Bactericidal – complies with the standard EN 1276
  • Funigicidal & yeasticidal – complies with the standard EN 1650


Cost: £25 + VAT.

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