Ceramic Coating – Aftercare

Ceramic Pro is designed to protect your factory clear coat, to provide a protective shield against the elements and to keep your vehicle looking new always.

To maximize the effects of Ceramic Pro and to ensure your investment is long lasting, a few basic maintenance steps should be taken. With simple care, your coating will reward you for years to come.

The curing process

Curing time is 2-3 weeks depending on environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. During this time, the following should be avoided:

– Ceramic coating can help to prevent your clear coat from water spots as it is hydrophobic. Ceramic Pro, however, is not bullet proof and can still get hard water spots.  The coating is less likely to etch than your factory clear, but it can especially get water spots during the curing process and can be costly to remove.

– Parking under a shedding tree.

– Allowing bird droppings, sap or pollen to sit on the car and bake in the sun.

– Washing or abrading the paint

If you notice that your car gets water spots, bird droppings, tree sap etc. during the first two weeks, immediately remove it following our care instructions. Keep in mind the coating is soft; be gentle when working on the paint.

Washing your car at home

Ceramic Pro is extremely slick, this means that most things will dissolve and be pulled off by Ceramic Pro’s self-cleaning effect. Minimising rubbing, (especially with a dry towel) on the coating will ensure its longevity. Dry bird droppings, bugs and tree sap can be dissolved using alcohol type solvents and wiped off with a damp microfiber towel.


– For the best results, the car should be washed on a bi-weekly basis to avoid excessive contamination build-up. Use only recommended mild soaps.

– Avoid high volume brush style car washes, and high PH detergent style cleaners.

– Avoid washing in direct sunlight to minimise streaking and water spotting.

– Wash from the top down leaving the dirtiest sections for last to avoid cross contamination.

– Use separate soap.

Methods of washing

– Standard home washing: Use a foam gun (optimal) or microfiber wash mitt to soap down the car. Rinse it off with a pressure washer (optimal) or hose. Dry with clean microfiber towels.

– Spray ‘n wash self car washes: Select the high pressure soap. Soap the car down (never use the provided brushes especially on the paint!). Rinse car off with the high pressure rinse. Dry with clean microfiber towels.

– Car washes: Touchless car washes only. Never use a car wash with brushes! Never select the “spray wax” option.


– Always dry completely and never leave to “air” dry. Tap water contains minerals that may leave deposits creating water spots.

– Only use quality microfiber towels for best results and avoid aggressive wiping, allowing the material to absorb the water.

Spot removal

– Never use aggressive products to polish the coating or remove surface contamination.

– Never use excessive force to remove spots.

– Bird droppings, tar, sap, etc. should be removed as soon as possible to avoid  staining or hardening on the coating. Any staining left behind from bird droppings can harm the ceramic coating.

After washing

Do not wax the coating. It is unnecessary and the wax will not bond to the coating. Ceramic Pro Sport is the recommended maintenance product. Ask you local installer about getting this applied during your annual maintenance visit.

Leather and fabric maintenance program

For best results, all leather/vinyl surfaces should be cleaned bi-weekly with a leather protectant to avoid contaminant build-up and replenish the natural oils.

Vacuum carpets regularly and use carpet & fabric cleaners when necessary.

Immediately wipe off spills on leather, vinyl, or fabric.

Annual inspections

It’s a recommended process for ensuring the coating is maintained and care for the vehicle is properly executed.

Inspections should be carried out by an approved applicator within 30 days before the anniversary date of the last service to ensure peak performance. Although durable and long lasting, annual inspections ensure maximum gloss and protection from Ceramic Pro coating.