Hunter Road Force Elite Balancing

The latest addition to our workshop equipment is the Hunter Road Force ® Elite wheel balancer. This advanced new machine provides the latest in wheel balancing that not only measures the wheel in the traditional way but also applies a simulated road force to optimise the wheel and tyre combination.

Being able to improve this critical aspect of the car gives a huge range of benefits and will enhance your enjoyment of your vehicle.

What is Road Force Balancing?

All wheel balance services pinpoint tire and wheel imbalance problems like vibration and tread wear.

A regular tyre balancer measures static and dynamic imbalances that cause a tyre to vibrate or shimmy. While a regular tire balancer can correct weight distribution problems within the tyre/wheel assembly, it isn’t designed to locate other causes of vibration.

The Hunter Road Force Balancer simulates driving conditions, like the weight of the vehicle on the tyre and wheel while in motion. The system detects weight imbalance along with other causes of vibration that a regular wheel and tyre balancer misses.

Road Force ® Elite at-a-glance:

– Perform a Road Force ® test and balance faster than any traditional balancer.

– Eliminate error opportunities with the patented laser vision system.

– Solve vibration problems and provide the “new car ride” using the diagnostic load roller.

– ForceMatch® optimises the wheel and tyre imperfections.

– StraightTrak® suggest wheel placement to reduce tyre pull conditions.

– Ensure proper centering with patented automatic CenteringCheck®.

– Maximize efficiency using SmartWeight® technology.

– True self-calibration with patented eCal auto-calibration.

How Much Does Hunter Balancing Cost?

Road Force Balancing / £40 per wheel

Includes standard balancing plus:
– Measures tyre hardness
– Rotate tyre to best position on alloy
– Reduce tyre vibration
– Reduce road noise

Road Force Balancing Plus / £60 per wheel

Includes Road Force Balancing plus:
– Move tyres to different alloy wheels
– Reduce Tyre Pull
– Reduce tyre wear

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