At FAW Customs in London, we can refresh or repair your leather car seats & interior trim to the highest standards, restoring leather to look as good as new.

Vinyl wrapping or a slick ceramic coating are the best ways to make the body of your car look amazing on the roads, but an aged interior can ruin the entire aesthetic of your car. FAW Customs offer the best, leather car interior repair service in London, and can make the inside of your car look as sparkling as the exterior.

Using professional techniques developed and used uniquely by us, we bring to you a guaranteed restoration service for all interior leather.

When you use our car leather seat restoration services, you can be sure that we always use the correct high quality materials.

Unique techniques

When properly maintained, leather interiors make a car look truly luxurious. They are so much easier to keep clean, especially if you own a pet who you like to take on car journeys. However, unlike its fabric counterpart, leather seats are prone to cracking and breaking, which can make your otherwise flawless car look cheap and old.

If you are searching for a complete car leather restoration, London residents can count on FAW Customs. Even the most beaten and distressed leather can be restored back to life, while holes can be mended and filled. We take pride in our work, which is why we offer our bespoke services to make you feel proud to drive your automobile. Unique conditioning treatments are buffed into the seats as a finishing touch, to make them shine and to also strengthen the leather against future wear and tear.

Our friendly team will provide service with a smile and promise to have your treasured vehicle back to you as soon as possible.



Increase your car’s value

When it comes to selling on your car for another owner to love, you need to make sure it is in the best condition it can be; the refurbishing process should start from inside the car as this is the area that truly counts. There is so much choice when it comes to leather car seats and trim repair in London, but we use the highest quality material so you can get the resale price you were hoping for.

Our team of experts focus on fixing the finer details of the car interior and know exactly what it takes to make a surface look like new. Like the surgeons of car repairs, our team work tirelessly to mend any damage and make the repairs look seamless.

If you are looking for expert, leather car interior repair London-wide, then get in contact with a member of the FAW Customs team who will talk you through the range of repair and customisation services we provide. We can offer you a free quote based on the services you require.